Indeco Clinical services the Pharmaceutical and the CRO Industry, specialising in resourcing of phase I – III clinical trials. Our CRA consultants are reliable, professional and deliver a quality service.

Indeco Clinical are able to deliver customised monitoring for the client. For example: the services of a CRA to work within an existing team or group of independent CRA’s to conduct an entire study as well as local project management services.

Indeco Clinical is a unique resourcing company that promotes a culture of openness and honesty in our service delivery with a focus of quality.

Overview of Services

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Regulatory and ethics submissions for Australia and New Zealand
  • Study initiation
    • Investigator meetings
  • Organising capabilities to ensure effective study start ups
    • Developing monitoring plans
  • Plans to ensure data integrity and validity of study results
  • Clinical monitoring
    • Managing the process of the clinical trial and to ensure trial data that is accurate, complete and verifiable from source documents
  • Site Management
    • Managing information between trial and participants
    • Measures to ensure patient enrollment and retention as well as data quality is assured
  • Local project management
    • Local knowledge enables Indeco Clinical to improve site performance for Australian centers
  • Management of pharmacovigilance
    • Establishment of a uniform approach for managing Adverse Events in Australia
  • Quality Assurance strategies
    • Maintaining and improving data quality
  • Audits
    • Systematic and independent examination of trial related activities and documents
  • Site reimbursement strategies
    • Administering investigator and vendor payments
  • Archiving
    • Complying with Australian archiving regulations